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Wooden Bead Stands

These stands are hand turned on a lathe by my husband, Ed Rose. They started out as just display stands for me to use at the shows and sales I do, but we had so many people wanting to buy the stands, for displaying beads they weren't wearing, that he has been making more for sale, as well as for my display. He is also now making tops for the stands, so if knocked over the bead won't fly off.
Where we can we will tell the wood type, sometimes we just found some wonderful pieces of "mystery" wood and we don't know what kind of wood it is. If you have any questions just e-mail me and I will try to answer.
These are stands and tops only, they do NOT come with beads.
Just click on each stand below to get individual descriptions.
We hope you enjoy.

group 2 bead stands

group 3 bead stands

group 4 bead stands

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